Snap-On Vinyl Wristbands with Name Tab

The K101 is a one-time use vinyl wristband with adjustable sizing.  It securely fastens in place with a snap.  They're great for any type of company or event, inside or out, and they're even prefect for use with small children.

The K101 is 1/2" wide and also includes a 1" x 2.75" tab in which you can place name labels or write in names.  This style is approximately 10" long and the length adjustment holes stretch down the entire length of the wristband so they can be adjusted to fit any size wrist, large or small.  The additional length can simply be snipped with scissors or tucked into the snap before fastening.

These K101 Wristbands are available in a wide range of colors.  They're available in packages of 50 total pieces for your ordering convenience.

This is a closeout style.  Supplies and colors are limited and ALL sales are final.

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