Single-Line Laser Engraved Textured Window Badges (Laser Series)

The WBWT1 is a single-line window badge with a UV and fingerprint resistant, virtually unscratchable, textured acrylic surface.  These badges are ideal for use in busy environments around children or in restaurants, or just for companies that have a large number of employees.

This badge is available in 18 color combinations.  Each badge is made of a durable, 2-ply textured acrylic that has a surface color and a core color.  Our high-powered lasers cut through the surface color to expose the core color at up to an incredible 1,200 dots per inch (DPI).  The very high resolution capability of our laser cutters allow us to achieve finer detail when customizing each badge with your unique company logo and/or custom text.  You can read about how and when to upload your artwork in our FAQ section.
The WBWT1 badges will all be 1.5" tall by 3" wide and 1/8" in total thickness.  You can also choose to add your favorite of our 10 available fastener options, for comfort and convenience with a touch of your personal style.

All orders for the WBWT1 will include corresponding F103I inserts and F113 clear plastic shields to help display and protect your employee name inserts.  The inserts are printable from your standard office printer and will usually accommodate a single line of text (name or title).
If you're looking for a larger badge that can include multiple lines of text on the inserts, please also check out our WBWT2 badges.  Or if you'd rather personalize each of your badges with employees' names, check out our BTP badges.

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