Temporary Adhesive Colored Blank Badges (Thermal Printable)

This non-expiring temporary badge is the perfect solution for those seeking a simple and straightforward visitor management system.  It's the perfect basic badge for offices, factories, laboratories, and other sites with high/frequent visitor traffic.
This style of badge comes blank without any printing and is available in seven different colors which allows you to color code guests for extra organization and security.  For example, issue a different color for each day of the week or give specific colors to each different level of personnel.
This non-expiring badge features an adhesive back that makes it easy to attach to the wearer.  The badge measures 2.125" x 3.8125", so it has plenty of room for a visitor's name, the date, and other important data.  Any text or even your company's logo can be added using your thermal printer.  Or simply hand write visitor information in at the time the badge is issued.
The T4101 come in packages of 1,000 total badges (5 rolls of 200 for ease of use with your thermal printer).

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