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Temporary expiring name badges are the perfect solution for school and hospital visitors such as parents, patients, temporary workers, substitute teachers, contractors, and vendors.  You can simply issue an expiring badge when they sign in at their start time and let the badge's expiration time begin so it's easy to tell when their on site visit is over.  They're a cost effective and simple solution to visitor management, especially in high traffic areas.

We have both half day (4-6 hours) or full day (12-14 hours) expiration times and all of our temporary expiring badges come with an adhesive back to easily attach to guests' clothing.  Some come in rolls and are thermal printable, while other temp badges are fan-folded and manually printed (handwritten) so your information that is displayed on the badge can be customized as needed.  We even have some badges that come with pre-printed titles or completely blank so you can customize them however you choose.

Need Assistance?

If you have any difficulty finding the right name badge to fit your needs, we have live chat and phone lines open 8am-5pm CST Monday-Friday to help you find what exactly what your looking for. Looking for lanyards to wear your name badges? Check out our large selection of custom imprinted and stock lanyards. We also carry a full selection of name badge holders for comfortably wearing name badges at conferences and events.