Half Day Expiring Temp Badges
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Temporary expiring name badges are great for managing visitors, especially in high traffic areas like schools or hospitals.  For guests that should only be on site for a quick visit, there are temp badges that expire after just a half day of use.  Simply start the expiration process when you issue the guest's badge at check in.  They can attach it directly to their clothing using the adhesive backing.  Then you'll be able to tell in a couple hours when their visit is complete when the badge expires.

We have thermal printable styles which will come on rolls to fit in your thermal printer, as well as manual (handwritten) styles available that come fan-folded for your dispensing convenience.  Most styles come with an adhesive backing and are available in packages of 1,000 to help ensure you have plenty on hand to supply to all your visitors.

Unless you're ordering one of our One Step temp badges, please be sure you also order a corresponding back part with your badges.  The back parts being adhered to the front temp badge is what will start the expiration process.  No back parts are needed when ordering the One Step styles as you'll receive the front and backs already attached together.

Need Assistance?

If you have any difficulty finding the right name badge to fit your needs, we have live chat and phone lines open 8am-5pm CST Monday-Friday to help you find what exactly what your looking for. Looking for lanyards to wear your name badges? Check out our large selection of custom imprinted and stock lanyards. We also carry a full selection of name badge holders for comfortably wearing name badges at conferences and events.