Metal Full Color Name Badges

Metal name badges are very professional in appearance and to the touch. They are very smooth with their glossy metal front, while also maintaining strong durability with their rigid acrylic backers or decorative metal frames. These make excellent badges for bank employees and other executives.

Our metal name badges are dye sublimated with full color printing, so you can display your artwork in as many colors as you would like and personalize each badge with your employee's name and other information. Choose from gold, silver, or white aluminum metal backgrounds. We also have many sizes, shapes, and fastener options to choose from.

Metal Full Color Name Badges Questions & Answers

Why choose our Metal Name Badges?

Metal Name Badges are an excellent choice for executives and in very professional workplaces.  They're recommended for banks and financial institutions, government agencies, law offices, insurance agencies, real estate offices, and luxury hotels or convention centers.  Many other company types can benefit from using our Metal Badges as well, due to the durability of the badge itself, along with the long-lasting print we can achieve with our dye sublimation printing process.

What is dye sublimation?

Dye sublimation is a heat transfer process used to print your logo and names on our Metal Name Badges.  It's a very durable and long-lasting print and is ideal for artwork with many colors since it's a full color process.  Please note however, we're unable to print white using the dye sublimation process.  So if you have white in your artwork, we suggest selecting the white metal background instead of the silver or gold.

What is the badge backing?

The badge backing can be added to the backs of our Metal Name Badges (separate from the fastener you select) to make them even more long-lasting.  The backing can include either a 1/16" or 1/8" thickness acrylic back plate or a decorative metal frame.  The acrylic backers are available in black or white and can accommodate rounded or squared corners, on any size badge.  The metal frame is available in select sizes with either a silver and gold finish and have rounded corners.  Both the acrylic backer and metal frame give the badge durability and rigidity, while the frame also adds a more professional and "executive" style appearance.

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