Lanyard Supplies
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We have all the lanyard supplies and replacement parts you need to add to your existing lanyards or to build your lanyards from scratch!

Lanyard supplies include either metal or plastic fasteners such as key rings, swivel hook, and bulldog clips for the end of your lanyards. We also have our detachable and interchangeable, all-plastic EZ fasteners which are great for any non-metal environments. Our regular and EZ fasteners can also be paired with any of our breakaway and quick releases, length adjuster beads or sliders, and crimps or clasps. We also have lanyard material, tools for assembly, and more!

Most of our lanyard supplies and accessories are pre-packaged, in stock, and ready to ship out the same day you order. We offer price discounts for larger quantities and bulk orders. Order your lanyard supplies and start customizing your lanyards today!

Need Assistance?

If you have any difficulty finding the right name badge to fit your needs, we have live chat and phone lines open 8am-5pm CST Monday-Friday to help you find what exactly what your looking for. Looking for lanyards to wear your name badges? Check out our large selection of custom imprinted and stock lanyards. We also carry a full selection of name badge holders for comfortably wearing name badges at conferences and events.

Lanyard Supplies Questions & Answers

What are Lanyard Supplies?

Lanyard supplies are any fasteners, breakaway quick releases, length adjustments, and material related to constructing a lanyard, along with tools and crimps to help you with the assembly.  Many of these items can be used as replacement parts for your existing lanyards or to assemble your own lanyards from scratch.

What types of Lanyard Fasteners do you offer?

We have a large selection of fasteners that can be used with existing lanyards or for making brand new lanyards.  Many fastener styles are available in both metal and plastic versions and we have everything from key rings to bulldog clips and swivel clips, along with pet leash hooks, snap hooks, accessory loops, and detachable plastic EZ Fasteners.

What are EZ Fasteners?

EZ Fasteners are a unique, all plastic, detachable lanyard fastener design, great for making lanyards that conform to non-metal environment regulations.  A plastic fastener seat, which is used in place of a metal crimp or stitching, holds the lanyard ends together and provides a place to attach your end fastener.  The end fastener can be your choice of a plastic key ring, swivel clip, accessory loop, or bulldog clip.  Simply snap your end fastener into the seat and you're ready to go!  When you're ready for a different type of fastener, just snap out the old one and replace it with another.  Additionally, they work well for employees who carry keys or access badges that may need to be removed and replaced frequently, without having to take off the entire lanyard.  They're an overall excellent selection when you're looking for versatile lanyard attachments!

What are Length Adjustment Fasteners?

Length adjustments can be beads or stoppers that are attached to the lanyard material that goes around your neck.  The adjusters can slide up and down to control the length of the lanyard in front of you and adjust where your badge sits on your chest.  To adjust the length, the lanyard should be placed over your head with the length adjustment piece behind you.  Then simply slide the adjuster up or down the length of the lanyard until your reach the desired length of the lanyard in front of you.

What are Breakaway Quick Releases?

Breakaways are typically plastic parts that can be added to your lanyards to make them snap apart in a flash.  They're meant to serve as a release so the lanyard can be removed quickly when needed without taking it up and over your head.  We have both round and flat breakaway quick releases available for a variety of lanyard material widths and styles.

Is there a minimum order quantity?

Most of our lanyard supplies come in packages of 100 pieces for your ordering convenience.  Any breakaways and quick releases where there are male and female parts will come with 100 of each in each package (making 200 total pieces, or 100 complete sets, per package).

How long will my order take to ship?

Typically orders will ship out the same day you place your order.  If there are any back orders, we will contact you right away to discuss.