3/4" Coarse WeaveIn Custom Lanyard

The L56 is great if you need a tough and strong, everyday lanyard.  They're made from a heavy duty material and use a weave-in process to lock in your artwork for years to come.

Your personalized text or company logo will be tightly woven into the durable material in up to three colors (one material background color and up to 2 artwork colors).  This process allows your lanyards to remain in tact after many uses.  The imprint area is 16 mm x 40 cm.

The L56 custom lanyards are 3/4" wide and made of thick woven polyester material.  They are approximately 17 3/4" long down each side, not including your fastener length.  There are both metal and non-metal (plastic) end fasteners available, as well as a breakaway and buckle release option.  Please note that the buckle release will add 2" to the total length of your lanyards.
The minimum order quantity is 500 lanyards and the standard production time is approximately 20 business days.

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