3/8" Lanyard with Logo Slider

The C610 is a combination of an unimprinted L03 and a custom imprinted logo slider attachment. These are great if you want to keep your design simple, yet show off your company's logo in a bold and creative way. They also slide very easily to accommodate everyone with optimum comfort.

Your unique logo or text is imprinted on the logo slider piece only. You can also read more about how and when to upload your Artwork in our FAQ section. The 3/8" wide polyester lanyards are also available in a large variety of colors with over a dozen fastener options to choose from, including our fun plastic whistle.

Each lanyard will be approximately 17 3/4" long down each side, not including your fastener length. You may also choose one of our three Quick Releases or a Buckle Release to add just a touch more convenience and comfort.

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