The C200 lanyards are one of our most popular imprinted lanyards. They are made from heavy-duty, woven nylon material and are great for everyday use. They're strong enough for use in the work place, but also soft enough for use around children. The 1/2" width is also ideal for customizing the lanyards with your small logo or text.

Your unique logo or text will be screen printed on either the front or back of these lanyards. There are 13 bright material colors to choose from, as well as 27 bold printing colors. You can also read about how and when to upload your Artwork in our FAQ section.

The C200 lanyards will be approximately 17 3/4" long down each side, not including your fastener length. The length with your fastener will depend on the specific fastener you choose. You will have your choice of one of 21 fasteners, as well as one of our Quick Release options, for added convenience.

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