5/8" Polka Dot Breakaway Lanyards

Stock lanyards don't have to be plain!  These polka dot lanyards feature a funky array of colored dots, guaranteed to attract attention.
Made of smooth and silky 5/8" polyester, each lanyard features a mixture of colored and black dots laid on top of a 36" long white background.
Four different fun patterns available:
Blue and black polka dots
Green and black polka dots
Pink and black polka dots
Purple and black polka dots
These lanyards also feature a white plastic safety breakaway, meaning they can be used in active environments without concerns about snares and tangles.
Two attached fasteners, a metal trigger hook and a split key ring, give your employees options with what they decide to attach to the lanyard, including a slotted ID card, name badge, or set of keys.
Packaged in bags of 100 for your ordering convenience.  Please note that each package can only contain one color option.
Looking for something a little less funky?  Also check out our solid color lanyards like the L602.

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