5/8" Breakaway Lanyards with Badge Reel and Retractable Strap Clip

Our L7001 retractable fastener lanyards are made from a durable 5/8" wide tubular material. They feature a plastic breakaway at the neck for added safety and comfort. The attached badge reel at the end connects the lanyard to a retractable clear vinyl strap clip where you can attach your name tag or badge holder. These extend your badge's reach and make using ID badges easier than ever!

The badge reel retractable cord length is 34", the reel diameter is 1 1/4", and the lanyard material is 36" prior to assembly.

Packaged in bags of 100 for your ordering convenience. Please note that each package can only contain one color option.

Looking for something non-retractable? Also check out our solid color L751 breakaway lanyards with a bulldog clip fastener.

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