5/8" Earth Friendly Bamboo Breakaway Lanyards

These special 5/8" lanyards are made out of bamboo, one of the Earth's most sustainable resources.  It's a cellulose fiber that is easily broken down in the soil, helping to limit environmental pollution.
This 36" lanyard is comfortable, strong, and durable.  It's also naturally anti-microbial which means bacteria will not accumulate or grow on the lanyard.  And, they're completely washable, making them great for use in schools and with children!
The lanyard comes with an attached "No Twist" clip on the end made from durable plastic.  This hook will allow you to attach your name badge and make sure it stays put!  The lanyards also feature a plastic breakaway that sits on the back of the neck for added safety in active environments.
These are packaged in bags of 100 for your ordering convenience.
Looking for a thinner version?  Also try our 3/8" Bamboo L2045 Lanyards.

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