5" x 3" Vertical Vinyl Badge Holder

The H710V is a vertical 5.75" x 3.375" badge holder made from a durable 8 gauge clear vinyl. It's perfect for holding agendas and schedules at conferences and trade show events, or for holding larger sized name tags and badges. The H710V doesn't come standard with an attached fastener, but features holes along the top for an optional HCORD neck cord, L32 metal beaded chain, or lanyard like our L653.

Our 5" x 3" H3050 inserts are the perfect match to fit inside this holder. They're loaded into this vertical holder from the top.

The H710Vs are packaged in boxes of 100 holders for your ordering convenience.

Looking for a similar holder with multiple pockets? Also check out our H701 3-pocket vertical holders.

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