3" x 4" Vinyl Badge Holder with Colored Title Bar Extension

The H261 are 3.4" x 4.25" vinyl badge holders featuring a colored title bar that extends underneath the insert area. We have many titles available, each with a different color extension bar. These are perfect for quickly identifying visitors and guests.

The holders are made to fit a top-loading 3" x 4" insert like our H900. They don't come with any attached fasteners, but do have a slot and holes along the top to attach an HCORD neck cord or lanyard. The pre-printed title extension bars will come in your choice of title/color.

The H261 holders are packaged in boxes of 100 for your ordering convenience. They are a closeout item so quantities are limited and all sales are final. Order your colorful title badge holders while supplies last!

Also check out our H260 title bar badge holders for additional titles and an attached bulldog clip fastener.

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