3" x 4" Vinyl Badge Holder with Custom Printed Title

The H229 badge holders are similar to our H108 series, but the H229 gives you the ability to add your own custom printed title bar.

These 10 gauge durable badge holders are made from 3.375" tall by 4.25" wide clear vinyl, but are made to hold 3" by 4" badge inserts or name tags. The custom title bar is printed along the bottom 0.625" area of the holder. Please note that the title bar will cover approximately 0.625" of your badge insert. If this doesn't work for you, also check out our H278P where the custom title bar extends below the badge insert area.

Choose a background color for the title bar, along with either black or white text in your choice of 4 available fonts (30 pt. size). With 6 fastener options to select from as well, including a pin, clip, neck cord, or magnet, these custom badge holders are sure to be a hit with all your employees.

Standard production time is 15 business days.

If you don't need the custom printing, also check out our H108 series badge holders: H108 (no fastener), H108A (pin), H108C (bulldog clip), H108L (neck cord), or H108X (pin/clip combo).

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