3.5" x 4.18" Heavy Duty Vinyl Badge Holder

The H119HD is made using an extra thick 30 gauge vinyl material for the back side and an 8 gauge vinyl for the front side, resulting in a more durable and longer lasting badge holder. This style is absolutely perfect for everyday use.

The H119HD holders measure approximately 3.5" tall and 4.18" wide. They're best paired with 2.5" by 4" inserts like our H922 or H3122. Each insert can be conveniently loaded from the top of the badge holder for ease of use. The H119HD badge holder has a top-center fastener slot that perfectly fits our F19 or S2045 strap clips for quick and easy attachment. There are also additional holes along the top of the holder for your favorite dual-fastener lanyard or our elastic HCORD neck cord.

The holders are pre-packaged in boxes of 100 for your ordering convenience.

If you need a slightly smaller heavy duty holder (business card size), also check out our H120HD. Or if you need something even more durable than our heavy duty vinyl, also check out our H6000 rigid plastic holders.

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