3" x 4" Badge Holder with Title Extension Bar

This 8 gauge vinyl badge holder comes standard without any attached fasteners. It comes with a badge insert pocket on the top and a title extension bar along the bottom which is great for organizing employees by department or job title at conventions or even in the office.

The H117 overall size is 4.15" tall x 4.22" wide. The top pocket is made to perfectly fit our 3" x 4" H900 inserts loaded from the top. The lower extension slot is great for our white H907 inserts or the custom printed H4117 inserts. This holder also comes with a slot punched in the center to attach a lanyard or strap clip like our S2045, as well as with additional holes on the sides for lanyards with dual fastener lanyards like our L606 lanyard, HCORD neck cord, or L32 metal beaded chain.

Also check out the H117A (pin), H117C (clip), or H117L (neck cord) for alternative fastening options.

These holders are packaged in boxes of 100 for your ordering convenience. The H117 is a closeout item so supplies are limited. Get yours while supplies last! All sales are final.

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