3" x 4" Vinyl Badge Holder with Clip/Pin Combo Fastener

The H108X is one of our most versatile badge holders. Each holder will come standard with an attached bulldog clip/pin combo fastener. So your employees will be able to choose which fastening method they prefer! With additional holes along the top of the holder, they'd even be able to add an optional neck cord HCORD or lanyard attachment.

The H108X measure approximately 3.5" tall and 4.375" wide and are made using an 8 gauge clear vinyl. They're a top-loading holder that will comfortably fit 3" by 4" inserts. You might try our H900 white or bright colored inserts.

The H108X comes in packages of 100 holders for your ordering convenience.

If you like the H108X, but prefer an alternative fastener option, also try our H108 (no fastener), H108A (pin), H108C (bulldog clip), or H108L (neck cord).

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