3" x 4" Vinyl Badge Holder with Elastic Neck Cord Lanyard

With the H108L, you'll receive a badge holder and neck lanyard all in one!  The badge holder is made from an 8 gauge clear vinyl and the attached elastic neck cord is available in your choice of white, black, or silver.  Order the white cord color option and save $20 per package at any quantity!

The H108L holder measures 3.5" tall by 4.375" wide and the elastic cord is approximately 30" total in length.  The holders are made to fit our 3" x 4" horizontal H900 white/color matte inserts and H4030 white glossy inserts.  The holders also feature additional holes at the top for other fastening options. Check out our S2045 or F19 strap clips if alternative fasteners are preferred.

The H108L holders come packaged in boxes of 100 holders for your ordering convenience.  The elastic neck cord is pre-assembled and attached to each holder, also for your convenience.  These are great for events on the go!  Simply grab a holder/neck cord from the box, insert your paper badge, then hand it to your employee or event attendee.

If you like the H108L, but would prefer an alternative fastener option, also check out our H108 (without a fastener), H108A (with attached pin), H108C (with attached clip), or H108X (with attached pin/clip combo).

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