2" x 3.5" Vinyl Badge Holder with Clip/Pin Combo Fastener

This vinyl badge holder is a perfect fit, no matter your fastening preferences. The H107X is a business card-sized holder with bulldog clip/pin combo fastener for easy attachment to either your shirt or belt. This style is great for use in large companies who have many employees wearing these badge holders who may all have different fastening preferences.

The H107X is approximately 2.63" tall and 3.75" wide and is made from 8 gauge clear vinyl. It perfectly fits our H3122 and H922 business card inserts which can be loaded from the top of each badge holder for ease of use. There are additional holes in the top of the H107X badge holders for optional neck cord attachments like our HCORD or an L03 custom printed lanyard.

The H107X holders are packaged in boxes of 100 for your ordering convenience. This is a closeout item. All sales are final. Supplies are limited as well, so hurry and order them before they're gone!

If you like this holder, but would prefer another fastener option, you might also try our H107A (pin), H107C (bulldog clip), H107L (neck cord), or the H107 without any attached fastener.

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