Economy Non-Recessed Label Badges

Our economy label badges are one of our most popular styles of badges. The durability and low cost of these name tags, make them a top choice for large companies with many employees. The LBL is a laser engraved badge very similar to the BE01. However this reusable badge style leaves plenty of blank surface space allowing you to add your own name label instead of having a permanent name engraved. Additionally, there's no recessed label slot, which makes for a more sleek looking badge and gives you freedom to place your name label anywhere.

The LBL is available in a huge variety of color combinations and is made using 1/16" thick acrylic. There is surface color and an underlying core color which is the color of the engraving. Your artwork is engraved at up to 1,200 dots per inch (DPI) to achieve incredible detail with a long-lasting effect.

The LBL badges are available in a four different rectangular size options, as well as two oval options. Also choose to add a silver or gold metal frame for added badge strength and longevity (*select sizes only). There's also a selection of fastener options available for even more comfort and convenience.

If you're looking for a label badge with a recessed name slot, also check out our LBT.


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