30" Elastic Neck Cord Lanyard

This universal elastic neck cord is a durable and convenient choice for your favorite badge holder. Turn your existing badge holder without any attached fasteners into a holder that can display your ID badge around your neck with this low-cost elastic neck lanyard.
The HCORD neck cord lanyards fit several of our holders that have pre-punched fastener holes along the top such as out H108, H710V, or H126V using the unique metal end clasps. They will be the perfect option for use around the office, at a large convention, or in medical facilities.
If your holders don't already have the pre-punched hole, but you still want to add this HCORD neck cord, you can use our F53 hole punch designed specifically for badge holders to add the holes on your existing holders.
The HCORDs are currently available in a few color options and come with silver metal clasps.  Pre-packaged in bags of 100, they perfectly correspond with our packages of badge holders for your ordering convenience.

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