Economy Dry-Erase Label Badges

The LBD dry-erase economy badge offers high-quality engraving on a strong and durable material. This is one of the most long-lasting badges we have to offer, as well unique and completely reusable. The recessed dry-erase label slot makes a fun way to quickly add or change employee names or titles. They're excellent if you have a high number of employees or are just looking for a more creative name badge that can be reused daily.

The LBD is made from a 2-ply construction. The base material is 30mil white PVC card which is used to create the area where names can be drawn in using your dry-erase marker. The colored surface is 1/16" thick 2-ply acrylic which is where your company's logo and/or text will be engraved. Your artwork is engraved at up to 1,200 dots per inch (DPI) to achieve incredible detail with a long-lasting effect.

Each of the LBD dry-erase badges measure 2" tall and 3" wide. There are many standard fastener options to choose from for optimal comfort of your badges, and a huge variety of color combinations, in both smooth or textured surface options, to make for a truly unique name badge.

If you like the look of our engraved label badge, but would like a more personalized style and the ability to add employee names to your badges, check out our personalized BE01 Economy Engraved Name Badges.


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