Textured Laser Engraved Name Badges (Laser Series)

Our BTP name badges combine the versatility of our laser engraving with the durability of our 1/16" thickness textured acrylic.  Very similar to our BLP, the BTP is also a popular choice among those who work around children or in other fast-paced environments.

The BTP badge is available in 18 standard color combinations.  The surface color will be engraved with your unique logo and/or personal text (including a name/title list), exposing the underlying core color.  Your artwork is laser engraved at up to 1,200 dots per inch (DPI) on each badge to achieve incredible detail, as well as a long-lasting imprint.  You can read about how and when to upload your artwork in our FAQ section.

The BTP badges are available with 13 fastener options for convenience when attaching to clothing.  They are made from an extremely durable, almost completely scratch resistant, UV-stable acrylic.  They also have a textured surface for added strength and badge longevity, as well as a more interesting badge appearance.
If you like the BTP, but would prefer a reusable style badge, also check out our WBWT1 and WBWT2 Textured Window Badges.

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