3" x 3" Reusable Temporary Badge Backer

Our badge backs are the perfect solution for organizations who want to issue adhesive badges without requiring guests to stick them onto their clothing. These badge backs are made of laminated cardstock and feature a wax front that makes it easy to peel off an adhesive badge at the end of the day. Badge backs can then be reissued to other guests.

Badge backs are designed to be used with adhesive badges: an adhesive badge is applied to the badge back, which is then clipped to the visitor for an easy visitor badge solution. They don't come with any attached fasteners, but do include a slot punched along the top to easily attach one of our T8075 or T8080 temp badge clips.

The T8771 badge backs come in packages of 1,000 for your ordering convenience.

Don't forget to order the expiring badge, too! Check out our T2003 for a quick and easy one step expiring solution.

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