Temporary One Step One-Day Expiring Badge (Manual)

The T02003 One Step Expiring Badge comes with a pre-printed title across the top in red. A hand written name and additional information can be added underneath. A fast and easy solution for areas with high visitor traffic!

Available titles: Visitor; Temporary; Contractor.

This is a One Step Expiring Badge which means no additional parts are needed. To start the expiration process, simply remove the inner liner and press the front and back parts together. Red diagonal lines will bleed through once one day (10 hours) has expired, making it easy to tell when a guest's time is up.

The badge size is 1.875" x 2.875" and comes with adhesive on the back to easily attach to clothing while in use. They're pre-packaged in boxes of 1,000 badges and fan-folded for your ordering convenience.

Would you prefer to print your guests name and the date on the badges using a thermal printer? Also check out our T6151 and T6451 badges.

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