2" x 3" Adhesive School Visitor Badge Sheets (Manual)

Use these sheets of "School Visitor" badges in correlation with our T5478 carbon-backed log sheets to minimize front desk labor. The log sheet can be placed over top of the sheets of badges and as visitors fill out the carbon-backed log sheet, their information is simultaneously transferred onto the badge. You keep the log, they take the badge, and they're quickly on their way!

Use with our handy T5401 temp badge clipboard for added convenience to keep the log sheets and badge sheets perfectly aligned and in place. Add our T8140 timing cover to the top of this adhesive badge to turn them into an expiring temp badges with either full day or half day expiration times.

These T8115 badges come with an adhesive backing to help stick to clothing while in use. The sheets are 8 1/2" x 11" and they're packaged in boxes of 84 sheets for your ordering convenience. Each sheet has 12 total 2" x 3" badges so you'll be receiving 1,008 badges per package.

Please Note: You will only be receiving the 84 sheets of non-expiring adhesive school visitor badges when you order the T8115. The clipboard, log sheets, and expiring time tokens can all be purchased separately.

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