2" x 3.5" Heavy Duty Rigid Plastic Badge Holder with Elastic Neck Cord

The H101L badge holders are made from 10 gauge acetate plastic and come with an attached white elastic neck cord. They're the perfect heavy duty badge holder for long-term use and have a lanyard already built in!

The H101L holders are approximately 2.25" tall and 3.5" wide. The holders fit perfectly with a 2" by 3.5" business card sized insert loaded from either side or the top of the badge holder. You might try our H922 or H3122 inserts for the best fit.  They also feature a fold over flap along the top to keep your badges or inserts securely inside.

For alternative fastener options, you can also try our H101C with a bulldog clip fastener or the H101P that comes with a standard pin attachment.

The H101L holders are packaged in boxes of 100 pieces for your ordering convenience. This is a closeout item. All sales are final. Supplies are limited as well, so hurry and order them before they're gone!

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