Temporary One Day Expiring Blank Badge (Manual)

Our T6145 is one of the one day options of our self-expiring badge line. This expiring badge comes completely blank so you may add a name, title, company, date, or any additional important information needed. Simply peel and stick the fronts and backs together to start the expiring process. The back piece is printed with red diagonal lines which will bleed through to the front after one day (8-10 hours) has expired. These temp badges are 1.935" x 2.8125". They include an adhesive on the back of the back piece to easily attach to clothing. They can also be adhered to our T5661 reusable badge backers or our H2132 badge buddies. Each package comes with 1,000 total badges and 1,000 back expiring pieces. They're fan-folded for your convenience. Also try our T6403 which is our half day version.

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