Laminated Medical Badge Buddies (Horizontal)

These medical Badge Buddies are made to work in conjunction with your existing name tags, photo ID badges, and temporary expiring badges.  Badge Buddies enable patients to easily identify the roles of those who are caring for them and help provide peace of mind at first glance.  They arrive to you fully laminated, slotted, and ready for immediate use underneath your existing horizontal ID badges.  They're easy to attach, as well as reusable!

These badge backers can be clipped onto your badge strap, retractable reel, or lanyard using the provided slot along the top edge.  They're meant to sit behind your typical sized existing name badge or expiring temp badge to signify the wearer's medical title in a brightly colored display bar.  Some of the popular titles are "RN", "Doctor", "Tech", and many more.

The badge buddies measure 3 3/32" tall and 3 3/8" wide so the title can be seen underneath the name badge (when the badge is attached horizontally).  They're made from 30 mil thickness durable teslin material so they can be used over and over.  Their semi-sleek surface also allows you to attach and remove adhesive temporary badges easily for medical staff that might just be visiting for a period of time.

The badge buddies are sold in packages of 25 badges for your ordering convenience.

For a vertical badge option, try our H2133.  And don't forget to order your BP04 Photo ID Badges, too!

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