Three Simple Steps to Find the Perfect Lanyard for Your Brand

It wasn’t rocket science to begin with, but picking out the perfect lanyard and accessories for your organization can be quite simple. It can also serve as the perfect compliment to your organization’s branding and style. Most organizations will spend significant resources to develop branding, logos and a corporate personality. So with a little thought into the matter you can pick a lanyard to match. In addition, if you need a particular function out of your lanyard such as a breakaway release then picking the wrong lanyard can actually have some significant consequences for the employees that wear them.  So if you can stick to identifying the proper function and proper materials, then you might even have the option to have a little fun with your choices. Let’s start with function.

Find the Proper Lanyard Function

Once again, it might seem a little basic to consider the function of a lanyard as they are all designed to hold a badge or something similar around one’s neck. If it fits over your head and holds said object, then mission accomplished most presume. However, not all work environments are the same and some are more hazardous than others. If your employees work in an environment such mental health treatment, schools or even any law enforcement type environment then a solid lanyard without a breakaway release can become a choking hazard.

That’s why we offer a wide array of Breakaway Stock Lanyards to meet that particular need. If a person grabs the lanyard or perhaps it gets stuck in machinery in an industrial style environment the breakaway release come apart and save the employee from certain injury. This is perhaps the most important function decision that you need to make. The other elements of function are with regards to what type of clip you want to hold the badge. Identify how you want the badge held and displayed and then search through the various Lanyard Fasteners options to identify the proper clip, hook, or other fastener.

Find the Proper Materials and Style

Now that you know the proper function of your lanyard, you get to start settling in on style and materials. To make it easy, you can even shop through our page that sorts Stock Lanyards by Material or Stock Lanyards by Width. In searching the materials, you can decide from a variety of options. Many will choose to go with the standard polyester as it is durable, versatile and available in a variety of colors or custom branding. Some choose to go with rubber lanyards as they can come in various transparent pastel colors. Not to mention they're pretty easy to clean up. Then, for the environmentally conscious, you can even choose from the Earth-Friendly and Recycled Materials options below.

Material width would refer to the width of the lanyard itself. They can range from a rounded cord option to flat lanyards with widths from a 1/4 inch to 3/4 inch. Some employees prefer the wider lanyards as it wears more comfortable with less digging into the neck. However, this really is a matter of personal preference and the opinions of your employees are likely to vary. Once you identify your material and width then you can start narrowing in on the style and color options.

Why Not Have a Little Fun

With your function identified and your materials picked out, now is your chance to decide if you want to have a little fun with your choices. We offer a variety of Pre-Printed, Pattern and Specialty Stock Lanyards. These give you the option to break from the traditional one color monotony and add a little personality if you are not going for your own custom printed logo or pattern. You can choose from a paint splattered option, rainbow pattern and if you truly want to be unique you can opt for a Metal Beaded Chain Lanyard in a traditional dog tag style.

Finally, if you really can’t find anything you want then you can Build Your Own Stock Lanyard. You choose your material color, fastener and breakaway that will fit your unique needs and brand. You really can’t go wrong and because we are priced to please, you’ll even make the accounting department happy as well.

So there you have it. It wasn’t rocket science, but it is important enough to get right before you order about 5,000 of these puppies. Take your time and do it right. Don’t forget to check out the rest of our badge and lanyard solutions at LoneStar Badge & Sign