Save the Budget (and Your Sanity!) with Custom Window Badges

Truth be told, running down a task like selecting your company’s badge system shouldn’t be that complicated.  Yet, you’d be surprised how often organizations come to us a little overwhelmed by all the options.  After all, while some might be ordering badges for a dozen, other organizations are ordering them in the thousands.  So the margin to get it wrong is slim.  In the interest of keeping it simple, let’s just start with the following: if you're looking for a budget friendly way to keep every employed equipped with a badge, then reusable custom window badges are the way to go, particularly if you're in an industry with high turnover.  Don’t get me wrong, we’ve got some top notch personalized name badges if you’ve got the funds to replace them at will.  If not, then let’s talk window badges!

The Turnover Friendly Badge Solution

They don’t quite make employees like they used to and the newest generation of workforce prizes mobility.  One minute you might think you’ve found your next corporate star and the next minute they're traveling the world trying to live life as an Instagram influencer.  So if that sounds like the workforce you're dealing with or if your industry just has a particularly high rate of turnover due to the rigors of the job, then save a little cash with these custom window badges.

The beauty of these badges is that you get the same high quality printing and material as our premium personalized badges, but you get a nice little window in place of a printed name or title.  This means when Carl heads off on his Instagram adventure, you can simply replace "Carl" with "Jessica" on a removable paper insert.  The cost of turnover can be high, but when it comes to window badges, that cost will just be a slip of paper and enough printer ink to pen the name.  Plus, you don't have to worry about logging in, placing a badge reorder, paying for shipping, etc., every time an employee changes.  You have the ability to have a brand new badge on demand!

Choosing the Budget Friendly Badge Solution

Just because you're trying to be cautious with the budget doesn’t mean that you're void of all subsequent choices.  The truth is that you can have the biggest budget in the world and a window badge still might be your ideal solution.  When choosing a window badge, you can start with the economy engraved window badge that comes with laser engraved logo and artwork.  However, your choices don’t end there.

Hot stamped window badges are printed in color with a wide variety of background and printing colors available.  They're made of a durable molded plastic material and are a great option for artwork designs with a moderate amount of detail and colors.  If, however, you’d like a little more color freedom, then you can also try out our metal window badges.  The background can be either gold, silver, or white metal, but this style features a dye sublimation print to present your company logo or artwork in full color.  Pantone color matching is also available to give you complete control over your design's colors.  Then, of course, you still have the handy window slot to replace the name of the latest employee allowing you get more life out of your purchase.

In Summary

When it all boils down to it, just remember that your badge is going to be one of the first things prospective customers look at when interacting with your staff.  It's natural to look for the name of the person you're speaking with and the appropriate badge is an opportunity to make a stellar first impression.  So while we’ve got some great budget friendly options for you, please don’t skimp on the thought or design that goes into making a badge for your organization.  We can keep you stocked up on all your needs from there which includes window badge inserts along with the window protector shields to cover the name.  If you've landed on a budget- and turnover-friendly option, then look no further than the custom window badge!