Don’t lose it, reuse it (with Quality Label Badges at Work)

Parents of any child under the age of ten will likely recognize that phrase from the popular kid show Paw Patrol.  An environmentally thoughtful dog continually reminds others not to lose it, but to reuse it.  The truth of the matter is that reusing resources is smart way to preserve company funds while still accomplishing the mission.  Every department has a budget and if yours is responsible for the acquisition of your organization’s name badges, then there exists an opportunity for you to do just that.  Reusable Label Badges are the economically efficient way to properly identify your employees, while at the same time putting forth a quality look that screams professionalism.  So if you find yourself at the helm of your organization’s decision to purchase name badges, might we again offer the advice, “Don’t lose it, reuse it!”

Don’t Let Turnover Break the Bank

To be perfectly honest, if you work in an industry where employee turnover is a constant, then a quality reusable label badge is the only way to go.  Because if the shift manager in January is Todd and then by March it is Jessica only have a new manager named Jeff by July, then the cost of printing new name badges can get out of hand fairly quickly.  However, thanks to the full range of label badges we offer, that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice that professional image to save on your budget.

These badges utilize an adhesive label that you can remove when the employee leaves allowing you to reuse the more costly badge.  So if you’ve got 100 employees then you can control your cost by simply maintaining a supply of 100 badges along with a few extras.  Even at an annual turnover rate of 25% the cost of reordering badges can quickly skyrocket on you.  Moreover, if you are in an industry such fast food which maintains a turnover rate of 150% then doing anything else would be absolute madness.  So if label badges are agreeable to the budget then let’s talk options.

Choosing the Right Label Badge

Many organizations simply choose to go with the standard Economy Label Badge.  With these badges you are able to choose your own laser engraved artwork while leaving off the employee’s name.  Moreover, you can choose between a smooth or textured surface along with deciding whether you want a recessed or non-recessed label slot.  Simple, easy, and 100% reusable assuming your employees don’t quit and walk out the door with them!

Next in line, you could opt for a Full Color Label Badge if the color and artwork is most important to your image branding.  These badges offer a wide variety of vibrant artwork perfect if you’ve spent a great deal of time and money on your company logo.  Like the economy version, the name is left off and you simply swap out an adhesive label of your choice when it's time to reuse it.  You can even choose what type of fastener you want on the back.  Finally, we’ve got Hot Stamped Label Badges. These are perfect if you want a long-lasting option that may carry on over the years.  These badges are hot stamped on very durable and lightweight molded plastic.  You can still choose a variety of color options including metallic choices.

In Conclusion

Where budget and branding meet, you find yourself with the inescapable conclusion that a label badge of any sort may very well be your best option.  Here at LoneStar Badge & Sign we’ve been putting out quality work since 1982 and typically have a solution for every badge or sign problem you can bring us.  Made right here in the United States, we’ve got you covered whether your turnover rate is in the single digits or even the 150% range.  Don’t forget to check out the rest of our solutions and happy badge hunting to you all.