Quality and Affordable Name Badges are a Corporate Procurement Manager’s Dream

Truthfully, it wouldn’t matter whether you are the corporate procurement manager at a large international firm or simply the owner/operator of a small mom and pop shop. For they both dream of the same thing when it comes to sourcing the resources necessary to operate. That is to find a quality product at a great price in as little time as possible. Even for one whose job it is to procure these resources, spending time hunting down necessary and yet mundane objects isn’t exactly a joyful experience. Here at LoneStar Badge & Sign, we frequently hear exhausted procurement specialists just begging for us to make this process quick and efficient. They know they need name badges and they want them to look great, but they’ve got to move on to ordering ballpoint pens or paper clips and they just don’t have the mental energy to dwell heavily on this. So that’s what we do. We offer clear products lines with a few key options that make the decision making process quick. So let’s walk through your key options and by the time you finish this article you’ll know exactly what you need.

The Procure to Pay Cycle

If you are part of a large corporation, you likely have a long list of rules and processes to follow as you walk through the procure to pay cycle. It starts with identifying a need and ends with you cutting us check for the great work we do. Whereas we can’t rewrite your organization’s procurement policy, we can simplify the decision for you. So let’s start with the first major decision. Do you want these badges to be a one and done ID that forever holds the employee’s name. Or, do you want the name badges to be used over and over to save time and costs. There is a legitimate case for both and you simply have to decide.

Without a doubt, a personalized name badge offers a stronger sense of permanence for both the employee and the employer. On the employee side of things it offers a strong sense of belonging and of feeling valued by their employer. Let’s face it, a man could get a permanent tattoo to show affection for his wife. Yet, if the bulk of the tattoo was permanent and he put down his wife’s name with a fake temporary tattoo then I wouldn’t bank on this being a long marriage. On the employer side of things it offers a more professional look. It gives clients a sense that you are not turning over staff every 3 months which is reassuring to them. When the employee does leave you simply toss the badge and order a new one because cost is not your top priority.

Then again, there are just some fields and industries that come with a naturally high turnover rate. It is not that the management or organization is faulty. Rather, sometimes people regularly move on from serving fries and on to greener pastures. Ordering a personalized name badge for every teenager to flip a burger can get costly. So that’s why you opt for reusable window badges or reusable label badges. Each one allows you to save the more costly metal or plastic badge and simply swap out a small piece of paper or adhesive when staff turnover occurs. If cost is indeed your fundamental and chief concern, then this is exactly where need to head.

Let’s Talk Name Badge Design

This is where most procurement specialist typically get held up in the small details. It is really not that complicated and whether you picked personalized or reusable, the next choice you can’t get wrong. You can choose between laser engraved, hot stamped or full color plastic. The differences are truthfully small and nuanced. Engraved badges are typically created using a laser to make the engraving. You get a clean crisp look that lasts. Then again, if you choose a hot stamped label badge, then it will be made from a lightweight moldable plastic. The result is that you equally get a clean crisp look that lasts. So don’t fret too much here and just go with your gut.

You will have to make some significant judgement calls as to the personal design of the badge. For larger corporations, the logo and branding are set in stone by people in business suits far from the procurement specialists scope.  So for you, it is just a matter of taking the branding handed to you and getting it on a metal or plastic badge. The metal badge offers a very clean professional look with just the right amount of bling. Costs are different than plastic, so again ask yourself how big of a role cost plays in this decision.

If you are a owner/operator or you simply have a little leeway as to the branding, then you have rely on your own creativity. Believe it or not, even the mundane name badge says something about your organization’s culture. Do you want it to scream creativity and diversity by allowing employees options among multiple designs? Or, would you rather the clean professional look of a consistent image. This is truly the toughest decision you will make in this process as full color ID name badges can look like just about anything under the sun or above. Once you’ve got that figured out, then you are back to simplicity and efficiency in the procurement process.

In Conclusion

You really can’t mess up this decision apart from choosing a design that is none too pleasing to your boss’ eye. If you can get that part right, then the rest is easy. Do you want a sense of permanence and belonging with a personalized name badge? Or would you rather a more cost effective reusable badge because turnover is high in you field. After all, your next fry cook might also be named Kyle, but I wouldn’t bet on it. Then you’ve got to spend some time trying to decide between engraved or hot stamped. We don’t recommend spending more than 5 seconds on this frivolous debate. We simply offer both because companies have required either of them and they are all doing just fine regardless of which one they picked. Then, you are on to your design which requires a touch of your own creativity or the ability to simply follow orders from the marketing department. We’ll help guide you through this process and make sure you get as many as you want, exactly like you want and with as little headache as you want. You really are busy and you’ve got too much to procure to spend all day debating name badges. You’ve got this, and you are going to do fine. We’ve been in this game since 1982 and we didn’t grow by leaps and bounds by leading our customers down the wrong path. Your successful procurement becomes our mission when you work with LoneStar Badge & Sign. So let’s get started and procure away.