Never Show Up to Work without the Mundane Essentials

A writer doesn’t show up to work without his pen. A soldier doesn’t show up to battle without his ammo. A dancer doesn’t show up to work without their dancing shoes. Professional life is full of accessories and artifacts that seem obvious to the outside observer. However, any successful professional will tell you that true success is won in the drudgery of the mundane. A writer will bring his pen, but he’ll also bring extra ink. A soldier will remember the bullets, but he also won’t forget the speed loader. Dancers will bring their dancing shoes, but they’ll also bring a bottle of water. If you’ve been tasked with securing your organization’s name badges, don’t make the mistake of showing up for work Monday without the mundane essentials. Name Badge Supplies matter just as much as the pen, bullets, and shoes to the modern professional. Fortunately, we’ve got everything you need for your name badges to be successful.

Name Badge Supplies for Every Occasion

Having been in the name badge business for nearly 40 years, we understand that the actual badges are the show piece of what we do. However, we also know that on a somewhat regular basis some procurement specialist is going to call us back saying they ordered a thousand name badges but now have nothing to clip them on to the employee. A name badge an employee can’t wear is about as useful as a pen without ink. So let’s start by looking at your options.

For many organizations, the good old fashioned Badge Pin works just fine. Timeless and functional, you can pretty much mount a badge anywhere on the body that is covered with fabric. We suppose you could mount it directly on the skin, but that seems like it would hurt so we don’t recommend it. The downside to badge pins is that they leave a puncture mark on the clothing, so we don't recommend them for any sheer fabrics. Alternatively, you could go with a Badge Clip or a Badge Magnet. The clip can be attached to a lanyard or directly on the clothing pocket or collar. The magnet utilizes magnetic forces to hold it in place, but it could fall off if you work in busy environment where physical contact is common. They all have their pro and cons, but most importantly they all work.

Beautiful Functionality in the Mundane

For other organizations, name badges serve a particular purpose at large events or conferences. Trust us, if you’ve ever dumped over 1,000 employee badges into a sack and hope to find the one you need at registration you will be sorely disappointed. That’s why a lot of organizations invest in a simple Name Badge Carrying Case. It keeps everything organized from the moment of creation to the moment of check-in which saves you time and a lot of headaches. Or, if you have employees who tend to forget their badges everyday you can just have them store them at the office at the end of their shift with a 40 Slot Wooden Name Tag Organizer.

Finally, when we say don’t forget the mundane we mean it. Many organizations look to save time and money with window name badges. Rather than order a new ID every time a new employee comes, they simply slide out the old name and insert the new. However, that only works if you didn’t forget the Window Badge Replacement Parts. The great thing about what we do is that if you are worried about forgetting the mundane essentials, just give us a call and we’ll walk you through everything you need now and in the future. Trust us, we’ve seen and done it all in the name badge universe. So don’t forget to check out the rest of what we offer at LoneStar Badge & Sign. After you do, just don’t forget the mundane essentials.