Identify Your Greatest Assets with ID and Photo Badges

It is more than a leadership cliche that an organization’s greatest assets are its employees. From the time spent to recruit, train and develop an employee, the monetary investment in each personnel can reach a significant amount. So why not go the extra mile and identify your greatest asset with a quality ID or photo badge. Not only does it make operations easier, but it sends a message to that key employee of their individual worth. There are a great many options available to choose from, but you’ll want to ask a few key questions first. The details can alter the budget, but in keep in mind the investment you are already making in that employee. Finding the right ID or Photo Badge is very much the icing on the cake to what you hope will be a long and productive career.

The Ultimate Photo Badge

One of the first questions you need to ask yourself when selecting your organization’s ID is system is just how important accurate employee identification ranks for you. Organizations like schools, hospitals and other high security environments would do well to opt for a Plastic Full Color Photo ID Name Badge. Anyone can fake a name, but it takes a whole other level of skill to fake a face. In addition, the photo brings an added level of security allowing for quick recognition that the ID belongs to the person wearing it.

However, there are even greater levels of security one can put into place. These photo IDs allow you to add QR codes or bar codes which host a greater amount of information used to determine identification and access. You can then print data on both the front and the back of the ID giving you a seemingly limitless amount of information and design options you can incorporate. Find the right name badge fastener to go along with it and you’ve got the ultimate photo ID badge before you know it.

The Ultimate ID Badge Design

If security is less of a concern for your organization, then perhaps a Plastic Full Color ID Name Badge would be more appropriate for you. With these badges, you’ve now got the entire ID to play with when it comes to design. So whether it is just incorporating your organizations branding and logo or creating a fun and unique design to make your employees stand out, we’ve got you covered.

These badges are made of durable PVC plastic similar to a credit card, but are slightly thicker and more rigid. With an endless array of color options, you really can have a little fun with it if you so choose. Some organizations even give the employee themselves a variety of design options from which to choose so that they can select the one that most matches their unique personality. Other organizations will make the badges themselves uniform, but allow the employee to choose their referred fastener or a custom lanyard option instead.


Employees are Worth the Investment

Regardless of which option you choose, investing in your employees is always an investment that’s worth the price. Finding the right ID or badge to match gives the employee the sense of belonging and worth. So don’t forget to check out the full range of ID and Badge solutions we offer at LoneStar Badge & Sign. Made right here in the United States, it is our desire to be your one stop solution for your organization’s identification needs. We invest in our employees so that our employees can deliver for yours. We’ve been delivering quality products for over 30 years and you can trust we’ll be here another 30 years for you. Remember, whether it is ours or yours, employees are always worth the investment.