Badge Inserts: Right Size, Right Color, Right Quantity

Here at LoneStar Badge & Sign we pride ourselves on delivering top notch customer service and walking each and every customer through every step of the product selection process.  That’s why you're about to get the quick run down on selecting the best badge inserts for your organization’s ID badge system.  Though it's not exactly rocket science and you could likely figure this out on your own, we’ll leave no stone unturned to ensure you get it right for your employees or your upcoming event.  Plus, there's likely at least one procurement specialist out there who is about to order 100,000 horizontal badge inserts when they really needed 1,000 vertical inserts, and will then have a rendezvous with a very angry boss.  So let us help you avoid that fate as we walk you through the whole badge insert ordering process now!

Right Size, Right Color, Right Quantity

Right Size:  Ordering tons of the wrong size badges is sure to get you in hot water, but it's an entirely avoidable scenario.  That’s why you’ll see on our website, and as shown in the examples below, that we can help you narrow down the search criteria by Horizontal, Vertical, and various size options like 3" x 4" or business card sized.  Simply click through to the size or orientation you know you'll need, then find the appropriate insert from there.  We clearly identify all of our badge inserts by both the orientation (horizontal or vertical) and the sizes with the exact measurements on full display.  Every badge insert is named by the actual insert size for your ordering convenience.  We also include a detailed schematic image of every single insert, that shows the dimensions of the insert itself and the sheet size, so you know exactly what you're ordering is the best size to fit for your badge holders.

Right Color:  Once you've got the size and orientation you need narrowed down, you simply have to pick the right color.  There's really no bad choice here and is all just a matter of your preference.  Definitely keep your brand or company image in mind though, as well as what artwork you'll be printing on your inserts.  Not all badge inserts are available in color choices, but if background color is something you prefer, you can check out our selection of Colored Badge Inserts.

Right Quantity:  So now that you’ve got the size, orientation, and color options down, you're almost ready to place your order.  But how many should you purchase?  We can help with that, too!  On every product page, we clearly label the number of sheets you'll receive in each package.  However, you will also need to keep in mind the number of inserts on each sheet, in order to realize the total inserts you'll receive in each package and not end up ordering 100,000 when you really only need 1,000.  When ordering a package of 20 sheets for example, like when you order our H900 3" x 4" Horizontal Badge Inserts, there are actually 6 inserts per sheet.  So in total, you'll actually be receiving 120 total usable inserts per package.

And keep in mind that all our inserts have printing templates available for you that will help you with the printing process.  However, there's even one more option that will allow you to ensure you get it right and save yourself the sweat of a mass printing error...

Let LoneStar Customize Your Badge Inserts!

That’s right, you could spend countless hours in front of your computer and printer to make sure every employee or attendee at your event has a badge.  Then again, why would you want to?  Sure it saves a little coin, but by the time you factor in your time and the ink, the savings are actually quite minimal.  So why not let us take on the burden of getting it right and chose a Custom Printed Badge Insert.  You can still choose the size and color you want, but now you get to throw down some of the most eye pleasing artwork and branding to boot while saving precious time.

There are separate fees for setting up the print design, but you can customize each insert with artwork and its own name.  If there is a printing error, let it be on our end so we can fix it before you waste your ink or insert supply.  Like we mentioned, the whole process isn’t exactly rocket science, but why not make it as easy as possible on yourself?  Remember, we're here to help through the entire process!

We’ve got live chat specialists ready to assist you if you’ve got questions and we’ll walk you through the whole badge ordering process.  If you're already servicing the rest of your badge needs through LoneStar Badge & Sign, then we’d be happy to take on your inserts as well.  Whether you do it or we do it for you, we’ll be sure you’ve got the image your brand deserves!