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Custom lanyards are printed with a company's artwork for complete identification.

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Name Badges & Name Tags

Personalized name badges are name tags that have every employee's name printed, engraved, or sublimated on them. Window Badges have only the company's logo with an window slot for inserting names and positions on paper inserts that you can print off and switch out. Label badges are made with a blank area left specifically for label printed stickers from a standard label machine.

Smart Re-ordering

Re-ordering badges from Lonestar is as simple as logging into your account, clicking on the picture of your badge, and setting the namelist, quantity, and any other changes you want to make for your next order. This system makes ordering multiple badge layouts easy!

If you have multiple locations and need to set up each of those locations to order customized name badges, we have a great corporate ordering system that can meet all the identification requirements and logistic challenges of having multiple company's locations. This includes customizing any features in ordering, billing, and shipping your business needs to make ordering name badges easy.

Badge Holders

Lonestar carries a variety of badge holders with inserts for trade shows, events, hospitals, schools, and businesses. Including holders with holes, clips, cords, or pins, and holders with thick gauges.


Custom lanyards are imprinted with your artwork can be customized with different fasteners, break-aways, and accessories. While stock lanyards are more affordable, non-imprinted stock lanyards.

Top brands trust us:
Top brands trust us

Custom Printed Lanyards

Custom lanyards are printed with a company's artwork for complete identification. We have several custom printed lanyards available in full color, and all lanyards with no minimum order quantities are printed in-house in Texas to provide complete customization and fast turn around times.